Friday, 9 February 2018

100wc week 19

Soon as I got home my obnoxious brother said to go upstairs to play.
So he I won I'm so glade because I'm would have to give him 10$  he got really mad through my toy and it went down the drain pipe my mom came storming up and i knew I was in trouble. the next day we went to the store to bye a new toy but my brother wanted to get one to so he now wanted my now toy so to make him happy i gave it to him and thats all that happened with my brother and me

Monday, 29 January 2018

100 wc 17

                                                                            the snake
I was so proud of my friends talking again, all because me I just noticed the snake.
"Hay is this your snake Jacob"
"so there is a snake just slithering down the street seems normal"
terrified all ready, "we walked up to the snake don't know way but we did."
"it was red with some white thing on his body I identified the snake it was deadly venomous, it bit me I collapsed to the floor, I felt like clocks ticking in my head my friend cycled away and that's when I sponged out of bed and that's when I know it was all a dream.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

wc week #14

                                       the monkey and the laptop 
My friend said his new monkey can do what ever he does. As soon as we nervously put a laptop for him to use I said
"this is a bad idea."I sternly, said to I know he would push the laptop off but to be honest there was a software update. He could got mad over that. I know now not to ever trust that monkey ever ever again. Well he is just a monkey I'm not sure but I don't think that jeff knows how to train but in mean time I need to get a new laptop.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

100 wc week#13

It was dec 24 Christmas Eve and I assured a breathing space from my alarming work. Eventually the plan gracefully landed I spotted a very tall man with his so called dog. So we got off the plan and I got to my hotel in Hawaii as I herd a guy yelling at someone. That is where I saw the tiger it viciously saw me I ran out the door with my friend and we thought our day couldn't get worse I cut myself and the tiger was blocking our escape.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

100 wc week 12

                                                           the battery
"I was stomping down the stairs in a mad mood. But then I saw a beautiful sandwich I asked
 "mom who's that for"
"you, silly."
"After school I went to my bed then my deep dark sleep drifted me away, crazily woke up I grabbed the battery from my cluttered desk." Finally grabbed the flashlight I put the battery in, a dazing white light flared on I hurried down stairs." Eventually I found my dad, he came home from his job he grabbed moms cake, I yelled "DAD THATS MOM'S"
"he gulped it down" 
" great thanks now mom well be mad."

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


I was confidently walking down the path in the local park awkwardly glanced at two kids talking back and forth about this thing every Halloween. Obviously I did not believe them so I walked away crazy that the day felt short. I went to the park at night , it gave me scary chills because the statue was not there. Crazy enough a red beam went over a tall tree and all I saw was was the two peoples cloths from yesterday. Suddenly a black shadow grabbed me me and thats when I woke up from my night mare.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

100 wc #10

"Hey Tay can you get my keys from the basement"
"Fine I well."
So I snatched my keys and screamed "TAY LETS GO"
" I'm not ready yelled tay"
"hurry up"
So finally we got going but as i thought nothing can get were's the grade 7 bully's were right around the corner. I remember grabbing there pen and never gave it back oh and there bag that had MY stuff in it, he came to me so we ran we turned the corner and she said but were would we hide it all
"I don't know"
At that moment i knew i was done.